My Unforgettable Experience

Hello, i want to tell you all about my unforgetable experience. This moment take place in my elementery school.
One day, me and my friends was going to the canteen. And we bought a lot of food and then we went back to our class in 3rd floor. I don't know why,in the way to our class, we met one of my friend from different class. And she ask me "Do you want to be my bestfriend?" ,it's very awkward because we both knew each other last week. And i said "Okay" with flat faced. And then, two of my friends was gone because they went to our class and i'm alone for go to the class. Previously, they said that they are not invited. And maybe they mad at me because of that. Until now, they still be my bestfriend from elementary school. And we always remember that awkward moment.
She told me that me with my classmates always looked at her everywhere and we do eye rolling to other people too and make them upset at me and my friends. Sometimes, we still talking about pa…
(one day, vania and vanessa meet up at train station) vania : hello vanessa : hi,vania. where have you been? vania : i have been searching for my friend vanessa : did you find what were you looking for? vania : not yet vanessa : may i help you? vania : no, thanks. wait,where you going to? vanessa : i'm going to yogyakarta for study tour. how about you? vania : i'm going to jakarta to pick up my friend. vanessa : what is going on with you friend? vania : we are going to singapore to watch music bank. nes : wooh it's so cool  vania maybe the concert will be start on August 16th 2017, do you want to come with me? i have one ticket already. vanessa : hmm i think i can't join with you because i come from yogya on 15th August so maybe i'm feel tired. vania ; okay,if you want to join us, you can call me on phone vanessa : okay thank you vania see you soon vania : see you

It's All about Me

Hello ladies and gentleman! My name is Vania Annisa Fadilla and you can call me Vania. Now, i'm study at 3 Senior High School 10 grade, at X MIPA 9. I have graduated at 5 Junior High School. I was born in Bandung, September 25th 2002. A kind of young girl right? Now, i'm 15. My motto is better try than never. It means i'd like to try some new up to me.

My hobbys are dance, shopping, read a book if i need, and hang out with my friends and family. I like to dance a kpop song because it's really fun, but i haven't find friend that has same hobby with me. I hope i can. I'm single and i am happy to be. I like person who care of me, kind, and fun. I'm curious, romantic, kind, cute, and easy going to other people. I hope i can be an engineer soon.
I have only one little sister. Her name is Varisha. She is 11 now. Her hobbys are dance to kpop song, singing, read a book if she need, and watching anime. I always dance to kpop song with my sister, and it's really …